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    When:1 July 2016- 3 July 2016
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    Latarsha Giles
    Lynette Giles-Bostick
    Ayesha Giles-Burch
    Annette Giles-Shivers
    Laura Manigult
    Annie Giles-Mazyck
    Tangee Warren
    Frank Morrison
    Dr. Richard Kinlock
    Stara Gooch
    Darrold Heyward
    Luethel Morrison
    Annette Brown (Kinlock)
    Rhonda Heyward
    Erika Bostic
    Denise Wright
    Alfreda E. Brown
    Robert L. Brown
    Latasha Coopet
    Cordiela Holmes
    Oliver Holmes Sr.
    Terry Holmes
    Alexis Nance
    Daniel Nance
    Michael Nance
    Loretta Davis
    Phyllis Nance
    Leroy Maniqult
    Harold Jr Holmes
    Elliott Holmes
    Lucretia Grant
    Ashley Sanders
    Sherry Sanders
    Chistine Holmes
    Chris Holmes
    Natasha Holmes
    William Moore
    Ray Summers
    Donna Holmes
    Marcela Aiken
    Willimae Maniqult
    Karres Green
    Valerie Greene
    Carman Holmes
    CJ Holmes
    Shelton Holmes
    Keithy Holmes
    Karlos Holmes
    Kiara Holmes
    Naketa Holmes
    Tyquan Holmes
    Betty Holmes
    Cleveland Holmes
    Debra Bryant
    Lana Jenkins
    Patrica Jenkins
    Shannon Jenkins
    Lamar Welsh
    Cubit Fields
    Betty Perry
    Karen Brown
    Patricia Brown
    Walter Brown
    Charina Duffy
    Juanita B. Horlbeck
    Eleanor Holmes
    Reginald Holmes
    Benjamin Holmes Jr
    Lyric Manigault
    Nanetta Manigult
    Andre Mungin
    Darron Mungin
    Aniyah Holmes
    Malik Holmes
    Joseph White
    Isiah Manigault
    Sharmaine Holmes-White
    Benjamin Holmes Sr
    Loghan Brown
    Natalyn Brown
    Ragin Brown
    Tremayne Brown
    Olympia Williams White
    Bill Greene
    Veronica Greene
    Queen Taylor
    Ann Fields
    Gabby Holmes
    Leya Holmes
    Lil Greg Holmes
    Shawn Holmes
    Tony Holmes
    LaWanda Holmes
    Kevin Holmes
    Kalia Holmes
    Marcus Holmes
    Monique Holmes
    Sydney Holmes
    Shondra Holmes
    Danielle Wilson
    Thomas Holmes, Sr.
    Gregory Holmes
    Johnny Holmes
    Jerome Moody
    Sherman Holmes
    Emma Holmes
    Kimberly Holmes